Eugene Fitzherbert is one of the Cabello's pets.[1]

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Hours before the awards, Cabello said to interviewers of Vogue, while holding Eugene, “You’re wondering what is this cute little fluffy adorable thing that I am holding,” she coos, talking to the white ball of awesome she’s holding in her arms. “His name is Eugene Fitzherbert. Say hi Eugene.”

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    Camila and Eugene.

    Eugene is named after Eugene Fitzherbert, the prince in one of Camila's favorite Disney Princess movies, Tangled. “I really like to name all my dogs after Disney characters,” Cabello says as she pets the arm full of fluff. “My first two dogs I didn’t really name them, it was mostly my sisters, this is the first one I’m getting to name after a Disney prince. So, every dog in the future will be named after a Disney prince.”

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