"First Man" is the fourteenth track and final off Camila Cabello's new album Romance. It was written by Camila Cabello, Jordan Reynolds and Amy Wadge. A tagged snippet of the demo was leaked on October 6, 2018. Later, on October 14, two untagged snippets were leaked on YouTube, on November 8, demo of the song was leaked on SoundCloud.

At a fan event in London, on October 2nd 2019, Camila said she was mad that the song got leaked.

On November 2, 2019, Camila performed the song on New Music Daily Presents: Camila Cabello, a special live show from New Music Daily of Apple Music in the heart of Los Angeles celebrating the release of her new album Romance. On November 15, a track list revealed from a poster released by Target,[1] from Target's limited pressed edition of Romance, teased the track list and Romance is the 14th.[2] On the track list of the pre-save of Romance on Apple Music, the 14th track is written by Camila Cabello, Jordan Reynolds and Amy Wadge and produced by Jordan Reynolds and FINNEAS.

The original version that got leaked in 0ctober 2018 included strings in the instrumental.

Cabello performed this song at the 62nd Grammy Awards.

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