"It's Only Natural" is one of the scrapped tracks for Camila Cabello’s debut studio album, Camila.

Background Edit

Camila teased it during her interview with Billboard: "A few weeks after our brunch, in early February, Cabello’s in the booth at Sphere Studios in Los Angeles, laptop out and Notes app open, singing from a file called “It’s Only Natural” using her achiest coo and a slight patois: “It’s only natural, I need some love from you/I might pull up on you/It’s only human to, wanna do da tings we do.” The vocal is balmy and bright over steel drums and Jack Ü-style edited vocal samples."[1]

Lyrics Edit

It's only natural
I need some love from you
I might pull up on you
Its only human to wanna do the things we do


January 12, 2018 • 36:55 • Epic Records, Syco Music, Sony Music
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