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"Like Friends Do" is an unreleased song by Camila Cabello. It was written by herself when she was 17.


On January 18, 2018, Camila teased the song on an Instagram Live. She performed a part of the song.[1]

New lyrics have been leaked by Robl3xMystery


  • The song is in talks about a scrapped song from Camila.
  • "Like Friends Do" is at same ages like "Only Told The Moon".
  • Camila loves this song so much.
  • Camila firstly talked about this song saying "It's one of the few that's not leaked!" She was talking about "Only Told The Moon", "The Exchange" and "Leave For Good". Also confirming more self-recorded unreleased songs.



So you said "I'll sit straight on the couch" like friends do
And "I'll stop kissing your mouth" like friends do
'Cause I can't look at you quite like friends do
Like friends do
Like friends do
And you don't say my name quite like friends do
And when I kiss your neck, does it feel like friends do?
So baby say it again, I dare you
But this feels like
Like friends do
And you'll say deep inside that its wrong
Said you made this last too long