Sofia Isabella Cabello (born April 2, 2007) is Sinu & Alejandro's youngest daughter and Camila's little sister.

Trivia Edit

  • Sofia was born in the Florida, whilst the rest of the Cabello family grew up and was born in Cuba.
  • Camila says that she misses Sofia a lot when on tour and/or working.
  • Sofie has been featured on an episode of AwesomenessTV's Fifth Harmony Takeover.
  • Camila dedicated her RDMA Award for Best Collaboration for "Bad Things" to Sofia.
  • Camila & Sofia are 11 years apart.
  • Camila has said that her sister is the opposite of her and while Sofia's super clean and organised, Camila is quite messy.
  • Camila & Sofia have posted videos of them singing High School Musical songs.
  • Sofia has a that she lipsyncs to Camila's songs on.
  • Sofia is Camila's only sibling.
  • Sofia's Cuban-American on Sinu's side & she's Mexican-American on Alejandro's side.

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